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Sonoco Alcore


Pack Roll - Ultimate Roll Protection

Customer: Producer of highly sensitive films.

Problem: This customer exports highly sensitive films all over the world and needs a complete packaging solution-from one supplier-that optimises the number of rolls per pallet and per shipping container.

Solution: Our packaging specialist met with the customer to identify their precise requirements including roll size, pallet needs, protective core requirements and various roll cradle stacking options. All of these components needed to meet their requirements of product protection, optimisation of the number of rolls per pallet and cost savings. 

Result: Instead of using multiple suppliers for each component, Sonoco Alcore delivers a complete packaging solution just-in-time for the customer. 

Additionally, we: 
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Eliminated inventory costs, as Pack Roll is delivered just-in-time
  • Saved time for our customer, who doesn’t have to work with multiple suppliers
  • Optimised the number of rolls per pallet and container configuration
  • Ensured the rolls arrive undamaged to the final location with our protective cores

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